Pet Theft Awareness Day

Today, 14th February, is Pet Theft Awareness day. Today is the day to spread awareness about protecting our beloved pets from those who would wish to do them harm.


It can seem very normal to walk to the shops with your dog, and tie them up outside while you pop in for something. Yet it takes less than a minute for someone to steal your dog. It can seem like you are doing the right thing, letting them run off their lead, yet this makes it so easy for someone to snatch them from you. It might even feel safe for you to leave them in the car, yet not only does that cause anxiety to the dog and can lead to death if done in hot climates, this also makes them an easy target.Even in your garden, you should be attentive and always know where your dog is.


These people do not want your pet because they are so cute, or because they want them for themselves. More often than not, these people steal pets for three reasons;

  1. To sell them on through unscrupulous websites and make quick money. They will do no checks on where the animal is going, and could give them to anyone.
  2. To use for dogfights. This can be either as the fighting dogs if they are large and viewed as being aggressive-prone dogs such as pit bulls, German Shepards etc or it can be smaller, weaker dogs or even cats which are used as bait for the larger dogs. For the smaller dogs, they will suffer from multiple wounds and a long death from their injuries, or would be brutally disposed of when they were no longer useful. Larger dogs will used again and again in fights until they are killed or are no longer usable, at which point they will be disposed of. They will be abused; hit, punched, kicked and starved every day, and will be treated as commodity to be used for money, nothing more.
  3. If they are desirable dogs, or can be used in cross breeding, they will be put into a puppy farm.They will be bred again and again and again with other dogs. They will live in a cell or box, and never go outside. They will never know love again and will be abused every day. They will live in their own urine and faeces and will have no veterinary care. This will continue until their bodies can no longer be bred from, at which point they will be brutally killed.


No dog owner would want one of these fates for their dog. So I urge you to be vigilant with your dogs, and cats. Never leave your dog alone outside, tied up outside or loose in the garden. Always be with them, and keep them safe.


Please share this to stop more people losing their pets to these evil people. For further blog posts about puppy farming and dog theft please see the links. And dont forget to chip you pets!


For the paws.


Too Faced are Two Faced!


Too Faced use to be one of my favourite Cruelty Free brands – they offered great quality makeup for a good price and they seemed to truly care about animals…well thats all changed now!


Recently, Too Faced have sold their company to Estee Lauder, one of the leading large cosmetics brands that still allows animal testing to be used on their products. Now, some might argue that Too Faced are still Cruelty Free, however Estee Lauder owns the company and therefore a percentage of their profits goes to the parent company. Ultimately, if you buy from Too Faced, you are buying from Estee Lauder, and by buying through them and supporting them, you are supporting animal testing, and the thousands of animals who suffer so that Estee Lauder can sell their products in places like China.



I can’t understand why a brand, like Too Faced and Tarte, that claims to be Cruelty Free, and to love animals, would then sell out to a company like Estee Lauder! It seems to always come back to profits over values and animal welfare. Some brands do stick to their policies, and I am proud to support those who have an excellent stance on animal testing and seem to be truly Cruelty Free. Some brands just appear to be paying lip service to the idea so that more customers buy their products, and that seems to be what happened with Too Faced! It seems that they never truly cared about animal welfare, and the thousands of animals that suffer and die every year for the cosmetics industry, or else they would not have sold to Estee Lauder! They are two-faced about their values, their policies and have shown their true colours.They have now become another faceless brand that cares for profits instead of policies and sticking by them, that stand for money instead of for animals, and that the opinions of their consumers does not matter to them. Therefore I will not be supporting their brand anymore and will no longer be purchasing their products.

Please support TRUE Cruelty Free brands, such as theBalm, Paul Mitchell, Illamasque and Hourglass instead of false brands who only care for money instead of welfare.There are so many brands out there to choose from that are Cruelty Free, vegan and support animal welfare, so please support those who truly support animals.


For the paws.

A Plea to help save Beagles in the next 24 hours


This is a short, quick plea to you all to sign the below petition to stop Beagles being used in laboratory experiments.

This is an extremely important petition that will be presented to 10 Downing Street on Thursday 24th November, and they only have around 24 hours left to get as many people to sign as possible.


This is a subject that I am very passionate about, for detailed explanations of the cruelties inflicted on beagles please see my previous posts here and here, and here for my post on puppy farming, where so many of the beagles used for experiments are bought from.


Beagles suffer immensely in these labs, and yet there is no reason for their pain as many of the tests that are inflicted on them have already been done! And its not just those trapped in the labatories, its the parents who constantly have to churn out puppies, living in filth and near seeing the light of day until they can no longer breed , so they are killed. None of these beagles feel grass on their paws or know the feeling of a loving hand. Thousands of beagles suffer and die in laboratories and puppy farms, and this needs to stop! They are so loving and loyal, and deserve to be loved and happy just as any other dog does.


Please also go the Run Free Alliance website and see the wonderful work they do for beagles and support their work. Beagles deserve to run free and be loved. PLEASE help save them from a short, painful life of tortue and a cruel, brutal death, help let them be free and loved.Please help that happen…


For the beagles xxx

iAnimal – Changing minds for factory animals


I recently found out about iAnimal, a truly amazing technology that allows a 360 degree immersive experience which takes people into the lives of animals trapped on factory farms and slaughterhouses to see how they live, suffer and die.


iAnimal is run by Animal Equality, an international animal protection organisation that works in 8 countries within Europe, America and Asia that investigates and exposes the truth of the lives of animals raised and killed for food. They hope to expose the truth and ultimately change the way people feel and approach animals for food. The footage used is from 18 month investigations within Mexico, the UK, Germany, Spain and Italy within factory farms and slaughterhouses.


Please take a moment to visit their website here and experience the reality of animals in factory farms and slaughterhouses. It may change the way you view these places, and the animals inside them.


I personally believe that factory farms should not exist;that the suffering caused inside them is intense and unnecessary, and the truth should be exposed of these farms. Factory farms for rabbits and small rodents should be completely abolished as there is no need for their intense suffering when it is simply for fur or pet food – we do not need animals to die for fashion and we dont need rabbits to suffer for pet food. All farm animals such as cows, pigs, chickens and sheep should be free range and allowed to live their lives peacefully on well looked after farms that are dotted all around the UK.


There also should be more supervision and protection in place for animals in slaughterhouses. This is a completely free area where abuse happens on a regular basis, and animals are terrified and in pain in their last moments, which they dont have to be. Please see my post here about this topic.


I think the iAnimal could force people to face the truth of these farms, and could really make a difference in animal welfare, and I applaud their efforts. I hope they continue to help change our views on animals on factory farms until true changes are made in this area.

For the paws x

Big News from the Netherlands!


There has been a big move forward for animal welfare in the Netherlands; The Dutch government is working to completely end animal experimentation in all capacities!


Around 7 months ago, The Netherlands passed a motion in Parliament to phase out primate experimentation, which meant labs had to reduce the number of tests carried out on monkeys, focusing instead on humane, non-animal testing methods.


Now the Dutch government has made it its goal to use only ‘human relevant, non-animal testing methods by 2025’! No other country has taken an oath like this for animals, and I think it shows the growing concern for animal welfare and the desire for the end of animal suffering to come about as soon as possible by people across the world. The changing attitude towards animals is spreading across the world, and I hope this signals the slow end of animal experimentation and exploitation.


This move away from animal experimentation will save thousands of dogs, cats, bunnies and more animals lives and will hopefully push more countries to do the same thing. If more European countries did this, not only would it save so many animals from short, painful lives of suffering and cruel deaths, but it also means we could put pressure on the Chinese government to end their animal testing, and ultimately begin the change in attitudes towards animals in China, a hub of animal cruelty in the world.


This will also make a massive change to science, bringing about cutting-edge experiments and developing methods in ways that could be interpreted as lazy and lax over the years. The fact that there is a date for the end of these experiments means there is an end in sight and labs have to actively show their move away from the use of animals in experiments, in comparison to the 3 Rs that we have in Britain, which means no lab is truly accountable in the same way. It will really push for this change to happen NOW, not later, in a few years, maybe when we get round to it.


I am so happy for this big victory for animals, and applaud the Dutch government for doing something so groundbreaking for animal welfare. Take note everyone, the Dutch did it first, but we should ALL follow in their footsteps towards a world free from animal suffering.

Rabbit Farms in Europe and the UK; Stop their Suffering!


Many of you may already know of the horror of angora farms in China, if not please see my blog post here, but do you know of the intense European rabbit battery farms that are all around Europe, and the UK as well?


These types of farms are incredibly cruel and cause intense suffering for the rabbits who are imprisoned there. These rabbits cannot behave in their normal manner as there is no room for them to move, stretch out, stand on their hind legs or even turn round. They cut their paws on the cages, and yet are often denied veterinary treatment. And as these are social creatures who, in the wild, live in large warrens with many other rabbits, they suffer mentally as well as females are cut off from other rabbits, whilst other females and males are confined to tiny cages with too many rabbits for them to move, which can cause fights and injuries.


They live a short, painful, isolated life, blighted by skeletal issues caused by the cages they are confined to, sore legs, infections in their eyes and develop behaviours that are detrimental to their health, such as excessive grooming and repetitive gnawing on the cage bars, both of which ultimately cause pain. Many die in their cages and are left to rot. They never see daylight. They never know love. They are killed when they are 11 weeks old.


Baby rabbits that are deemed too small are smashed against walls to die or left to fall between the bars of the cage and die of starvation in the pits of sewage below. Many other rabbits die of starvation, dehydration or disease, in fact, mortality rate often exceeds 20%. Female rabbits are often kept isolated and are artificially inseminated constantly to breed more rabbits. If they survive, when rabbits reach their optimum weight and age, they are electrically stunned to kill them, however this doesnt always work and rabbits suffer intensely before they finally die.


These farms are all over Europe, but many of these rabbits are ultimately bound to become pet food, imported in the UK and bought by unsuspecting pet owners. Leading retailers import 300,000 rabbits for pet food. I believe that the suffering caused to these rabbits is intense, cruel and wrong, and rabbit farming should be stopped.


Yet a proposal has been forward to Stafford County Council by a Romanian firm to open one of these farms in Gnosall, Staffordshire. They wish to farm, slaughter and sell rabbit meat and fur in the UK, as they believe the demand for rabbit meat and fur has the potential for profit. But there has been a backlash by the public opposing this rabbit prison.


I am asking you to sign this petition against this Staffordshire rabbit farm. We cannot allow this suffering to happen. Rabbits are sensitive, loyal, loving and socialable creatures who deserve more than a short life pilled with pain and suffering. Please sign the petition, share it with everyone you know, and see here to see how else you can help stop this barbaric farm from going ahead, and help save these bunnies from a horrific life.

But its not just this farm. UK retailers should not support this suffering in European farms by importing caged rabbit meat. So many of these farms do not meet animal welfare law standards, and the rabbits confined in there only know pain in their short lives. They deserve more, they deserve the love and freedom that so many rabbits have as pets in so many UK homes. So I ask you to sign this petition as well to ask retailers to stop their support of these cruel farms, and share it with everyone you know. Spread the word about the truth of rabbit farming, and its presence on our shelves in pet food, and help try to stop the suffering of these loving and innocent creatures.

Please help save rabbits from suffering in the UK.

For more information please go to the below links;

Four Paws

Compassion in Farming

Respect for Animals

Vegetarian Society

Daily Mail




For the paws x

Top 5 Sites to Shop Cruelty Free!

It can be so difficult to find shops on the high street that sell Cruelty Free items, I know I have struggled numerous times! So below are my top 5 websites who only stock Cruelty Free items, so you can shop to your hearts content! These websites include Cruelty Free and vegan products and range from skincare to makeup products.

cutecosmetics-web-logo1) CutECOsmetics

This company is excellent, I have used them a number of times for makeup as they supply some of the really top Cruelty Free makeup brands like Sugarpill, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics and theBalm. They are ‘an online eco, organic, vegan & cruelty free cosmetics specialist’ and family run! Their organic products are certified and all, and I do mean ALL, of their products are Cruelty Free.

They do free shipping over £40 and their products range from makeup, to skincare, to mum and baby products. I personally have found some new brands I love from there, like Hurraw! (BEST lip balm I have ever had!) and Shiro Cosmetics (nerdy makeup in stunning colours), and its so nice to be able to try anything and everything on their website.



2) There Must Be a Better Way

As someone who suffers from sensitive and acne prone skin, this website has been invaluable to me. They offer a wide range of products for numerous skin conditions from normal to sensitive to acne prone to people with eczema, and these range across all skin and body treatments. They also offer well-being, nutrition, baby, home and aromatherapy products as well

Their products are harmful chemicals and pollutants free, and offer 100% vegetarian (most of which is vegan), fair trade, sustainable Cruelty Free products. They have a strict Integrity Ingredients policy which states that they do not carry any items which contain animal by products of any kind, including animal hair in brushes and all products have to comply with their no animal testing policy. They audit and update their ingredients list regularly and ensure their suppliers adhere to this.

They are also very friendly and are happy to help with any queries you might have for what kind of products might suit your skin/needs. I have bought numerous items from this site and will continue to use them as its such as great source for skincare that is Cruelty Free and that doesn’t affect my skin.

honesty logo blue-spot.jpg

3)Honesty Cosmetics

This company has been manufacturing Cruelty Free products since before it was such a hot issue, in 1984. Their products are endorsed by the Vegan Society, BUAV, the Ethical Company Organisation and Naturewatch, but they also stock other brands who are animal and environmentally friendly, and some organic products too.

They stock products that are vegetarian, vegan and Cruelty Free but more than that, they come from companies who believe in what they are selling and their vegan/vegetarian/Cruelty Free beliefs are part of their core business ethical as well as personally believing in it too (see my last blog to read about companies who don’t believe in what they are selling…).


4) I Choose What I Use

This company stocks men, womens and childrens skincare as well as aromatherapy and sun care products. An excellent feature of this website is that you can filter by which certification you want to shop by e.g. only looking at PETA approved products or Fair Trade products.

They only sell Cruelty Free and vegan products, the majority of which are made up of naturally derived products. They are an excellent company which you should definitely check out.

2014-15 PHB Ethical Beauty Full Logo-432x105.png

5) PHB Ethical Beauty

This isn’t a stockist website like the other 4, however I have included this website as I believe it to be an excellent resource for those looking for Cruelty Free, vegan and ethical products.

PHB products are made in the UK, Cruelty Free, vegan, halal certified, palm oil free and organic! Phew! Plus, 20% of their profit goes to charity, so they really do seem to be a really great company, and one that Cruelty Freers and vegans alike can shop with, with no worries about what the products contain and where their money might be going.


Image from

Of course, you can also buy own-brand products from Supermarkets such as Marks and Spencers (though they do sell leather and other animal products), Tesco, Sainsburys and Aldi, all of which are Cruelty Free, available to most people and at a great price!


So please think about going Cruelty Free and help stop cruelty to animals!

For the Paws xx