Pet Theft Awareness Day

Today, 14th February, is Pet Theft Awareness day. Today is the day to spread awareness about protecting our beloved pets from those who would wish to do them harm.


It can seem very normal to walk to the shops with your dog, and tie them up outside while you pop in for something. Yet it takes less than a minute for someone to steal your dog. It can seem like you are doing the right thing, letting them run off their lead, yet this makes it so easy for someone to snatch them from you. It might even feel safe for you to leave them in the car, yet not only does that cause anxiety to the dog and can lead to death if done in hot climates, this also makes them an easy target.Even in your garden, you should be attentive and always know where your dog is.


These people do not want your pet because they are so cute, or because they want them for themselves. More often than not, these people steal pets for three reasons;

  1. To sell them on through unscrupulous websites and make quick money. They will do no checks on where the animal is going, and could give them to anyone.
  2. To use for dogfights. This can be either as the fighting dogs if they are large and viewed as being aggressive-prone dogs such as pit bulls, German Shepards etc or it can be smaller, weaker dogs or even cats which are used as bait for the larger dogs. For the smaller dogs, they will suffer from multiple wounds and a long death from their injuries, or would be brutally disposed of when they were no longer useful. Larger dogs will used again and again in fights until they are killed or are no longer usable, at which point they will be disposed of. They will be abused; hit, punched, kicked and starved every day, and will be treated as commodity to be used for money, nothing more.
  3. If they are desirable dogs, or can be used in cross breeding, they will be put into a puppy farm.They will be bred again and again and again with other dogs. They will live in a cell or box, and never go outside. They will never know love again and will be abused every day. They will live in their own urine and faeces and will have no veterinary care. This will continue until their bodies can no longer be bred from, at which point they will be brutally killed.


No dog owner would want one of these fates for their dog. So I urge you to be vigilant with your dogs, and cats. Never leave your dog alone outside, tied up outside or loose in the garden. Always be with them, and keep them safe.


Please share this to stop more people losing their pets to these evil people. For further blog posts about puppy farming and dog theft please see the links. And dont forget to chip you pets!


For the paws.


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