Email Confirmations on My Cosmetics



The first thing I did when I decided to go Cruelty Free was to research the brands I use and already had. The ones that weren’t BUAV, PETA or the Humane Society approved, and wasn’t stated as company that used animal testing company by any of those or the websites I use, I decided to email. I got a variety of responses from the different companies and helped shape my understanding of the industry and what to look out for when trying to buy cruelty free.

Note; The reason I asked if they ship to China, and why it is so important when looking at brands, is that China insists on harsh animal testing for all products coming into the country to be sold. The only exception to this if they sell to individuals, as they are not being sold on the Chinese market, and if they sell to Hong Kong, where there is no law for animal testing for selling products. If a company sells or is willing to sell their products in China, they will be allowing animal testing to occur so their products can be in the Chinese market and therefore animal welfare is not important to them, in my opinion. Any brand which does so means I will not be buying from them or any of their affiliated brands.


So let’s with the goodies – These are the ones I am happy to buy or continue using;



Elemis states they never have and never will test on animals, nor that they have ever asked third parties to test for them. They also say they work with partners and supplies that share this belief and operate ethically. Additionally they state they support the ban of animal tested products and want to encourage non-animal testing alternatives. I asked to confirm that at no point are the products or ingredients tested on animals which they kindly came back and confirmed that at no point in the manufacturing were there any animal tests of any kind.

In regards to ingredients they don’t use slaughterhouse waste, whale/blubber oils and their perfumes do not contain animal extracts, however they do use animal by-products such as honey, milk and eggs so they’re not suitable for the vegans out there.

I also asked if they ship to China and if they have any stores out there, which they confirmed they do not ship not have any distributors in China.

I was personally happy with what Elemis said, and the way it was worded along with the quick response meant I felt appreciated as a consumer and my concerns were met with patience and appreciation of what is important to me. The answers they gave means I am happy to continue using their products, especially as they are perfect for my sensitive skin and really make a difference to how my skin looks and feels.



Gosh state they do not test their products or ingredients on animals nor do they commission others to do so.

They also say they do not sell their products in China

Gosh do have a statement about animal testing on their website, however I wanted a concrete answer to all my questions from the brand themselves. The responses I received from Gosh I thought were really considerate and tried to ease my concerns about their products. What they said clearly answered all my questions but more than that, they sent me their official statement, a statement about the company and a list of vegan friendly products which they produce! The fact that they sent me all this really made them stand out to me as good brand, plus it was really clear and direct that they don’t test in any way. I will be using Gosh again as the few products I have bought from them have been really good and I have been impressed with the quality, especially of their lipsticks which I am so fussy about!

Leighton denny logo (400 x 213)

Leighton Denny 

Leighton Denny state none of their products or ingredients are tested on animals, and included a statement from their supplier to say their products didn’t contain animal products so they are vegan friendly.

They state they do not have a distributor in China so Leighton Denny themselves do not ship to China, nor can oversees customers purchase their products through the website, however they did say they have distributors in a number of other countries which might have different regulations about shipping.

I actually began my research looking at Leighton Denney as I love his products so much, they are the only nail varnish I use. I started with tweeting them, which they responded to quickly with a clear statement that they don’t test their ingredients or products but as I needed to ask a number of questions I decided to email them. I was assured their animal testing policy runs through Leightons entire range and I liked that they provided a statement from their supplier. What they said about distributing in China, I thought was honest and I personally have decided that as they don’t have a distributor in China and the main website of Leighton Denny doesn’t sells to China that this is good enough for me in regards to shipping to China.



MUA says their raw materials are not tested on animals, nor are their finished products a. They do use a third party to test however they state that this company does not test on animals.

They state that the ingredients are derived from sources which are not accepted by vegetarians or vegans so they might contain animal by-products

MUA also says that they do not sell in China

I found it quite difficult to get answers from MUA, and though they started quite polite it ended up being quite abrupt as if they wanted to get me to go away! The process in which to get responses meant I had to go onto the website and submit a form each time, I couldn’t respond to any emails sent to me and it meant my responses were jumbled up and hard to keep track of. Despite this, I have decided to finish using the products I have of MUA, however in the future I might use a different brand because of the difficulty I had with getting a hold of someone but also because their products aren’t vegetarian friendly.


These brands I have questions over and I’m not sure of the precise policies or whether or not to use them.


Eldora Eyelashes

Eldora lashes was an odd one in that I had no response from the email I sent, however on a whim I decided to tweet them. Thankfully they got back instantly, stating that they don’t test their products on animals.

They state they do ship to China, however they only ship to individuals so it doesnt go through the same process as if the product was being sold in China.

Because it was through Twitter I couldn’t get the full details I wanted, however they did confirm they do not test their products. I’m on fence with these because I couldn’t get the full information I wanted, such as if their ingredients weretested.


Eylure Lashes

Eylure are owned by Original Additions, whose animal testing policy is that they are opposed to the testing of products and ingredients and has been the companies belief since its founding in 1977. They go on to say they do not permit testing of any products or ingredients by themselves or commission tests from others.

They state they do not have any direct distributors in China.

The statement from Original Additions was good but I did find it slightly ambiguous as though it says they are ‘opposed’ to testing and don’t permit others to test for them it categorically state that at no point did they test. I did try to get a more concrete response but they just resent the same email with the same info to me. I had a quick look online for any other responses and a few blogs have stated that Original Additions have tested on animals in the past so right now I am undecided about them.


Lord and Berry    

Lord and Berry stated they have a cruelty free policy and don’t test on animals, however there was no response to my second email to confirm that both the products and ingredients weren’t tested or if they use a third party to test.

They did also state they don’t manufacture in China but didn’t respond to my questions about selling in China.

I have decided not to use Lord and Berry again as they didn’t respond to any further emails I sent or answer all of my questions, plus there was not a lot of information and I thought the email was quite abrupt and didn’t try to ease my concerns. As I still don’t know all the information about these products, I feel it’d be better to stay away.


Phillip Kingsley 

Though they state they are against animal testing as a company and do not test their products or ingredients, they also say that only ‘new’ products are tested using alternative methods. They continued to say the reason they are not BUAV or PETA approved is because it is ‘impossible’ for any cosmetic or beauty brand to claim that none of the ingredients are now or ever have been tested on animals.

In regards to selling in China, they say they are not available in China mainland

With Phillip Kingsley, you could read it as them being honest about it being hard to say ingredients have never been tested but I personally find this difficult to take as so many other brands out there are BUAV and PETA approved so it can’t be ‘impossible’. I won’t be using Phillip Kingsley from now on because they can’t guarantee their ingredients are Cruelty Free, but please read for yourselves and make your own decision about what they say about their products.

Though I waited for a number of weeks, I had no response from;


Bayliss and Harding



Because of the lack of response, though Batiste do have a not tested on animals logo on their products, I have decided to steer clear of these and have thrown away any products I have.

I also wanted to check 2true as that was the makeup brand I used previously but there website is under maintenance and I can’t contact them. However, some quick research suggests they don’t test on animals and don’t get other companies to do so but without an email address I can’t check.


These are the companies that either test on animals themselves or have stores in China, which therefore means that they will have been tested on animals to be able to be sold in China. These are all the ones I have thrown in the bin and will not be buying again.



Stargazer stated none of their products are tested on animals however they didn’t say anything about their ingredients, nor about if they use a third party to test.

Unfortunately Stargazer do sell in China through a number of small shops.

Stargazers email was again quite abrupt for me and didn’t answer all my questions which makes me think that their ingredients might be tested however I didn’t go on to email them again because they said they sell in China. Because they sell in China, this means the products would have been tested on animals to adhere to the Chinese law on cosmetics being sold in China. For me, this was reason enough not to use them so I didn’t need to reiterate if they tested their ingredients.

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Percy and Reed  

Percy and Reed state that none of their products are tested on animals and they don’t use a third party to test however when I asked if they ingredients were tested on animals they said they couldn’t ‘100% guarantee this’.

They also said they don’t sell in China.

Once I managed to get the correct person to answer my emails, which was a bit of a mess, the emails were quite direct and to the pint, answering all my questions which I thought was good. I have decided not to use Percy and Reed again as they cannot say their ingredients aren’t tested on animals, so in my eyes that means that there is a good chance they are at some point. I’m not sure if this is because they aren’t involved at the ingredients level or if they didn’t want to say they do test but because of this I won’t be using them again.

So from this you can see I had to throw a number of these products away but thankful I got to keep my favourites -Elemis, Leighton Denny and Gosh – yay!

I have also done research on some of those larger make-up and beauty brands which we all know about – Rimmel, MaxFactor, Maybelline – and will be posting my findings on those very soon!



Please let me know if you have had any email confirmations of your own, and if anyone wants extra detail or to see the emails from these brands for themselves just let me know!

For the animals x